Here, I must admit that I hesitated longly to review that demo on Slow End...not that's it's bad, I find it quite well executed, but more because while it's in a Doom-ish vein, we don't find on this 'Land of Tears' what we could expect to find on a disc reviewed on this site. No big riffs that nail you on the ground, no apocalyptic double bass drums, not traumatizing, no, nothing really like that.
But you see, it's that this one-man band manage to develop a totally specific atmosphere, very interesting, ambient but especially choking / strangling (with maybe the exception of Lamentations, which without being disagreeable doesn't fit at all with the rest of the demo, with its ethereal voice and its little melody quite sad, but no very original). All the pieces share (with the exception of Lamentations) a common structure based on a prominent bass, very powerful with a round and full sound, simple languid and drawling rhythms but they are wisely mastered and delivered with a restrained violence, and small riffs of clean or saturated guitars that stick in your head, so they are pretty efficient. Finally, the voice did particularly impress me: the voice of a mining demon of the desert in a way, malefic spirits, shamanic spirits that we often associated with the Native American sorcerers of the west part of the USA. We could talk about Black (metal) vox, but that wouldn't do it justice: It is at the same time both puked and whispered, violent but strangely calm and serene.
To resume the atmosphere floating all over this "Land of Tears", and i would say that you only need to read the name of the band and the title of the demo to get it: a dark, esoteric, shamanic atmosphere, the expression of a multi-secular diabolical wisdom. That's what i particularly like about this demo: the saturated air, charged with negative feelings, diabolical intentions, the sadism that doesn't reveal its name. Ok, not everything is perfect on this demo (namely what I talked about concerning the 4th song, where we often get the feeling that certain parts should have been more developed), but in overall, Great American Desert explores unknown paths, calming but also disturbing in their own way.

Land of Tears in three words: Shamanic, hypnotic and sinister.

Written by Sinical
Translated by Bruno Dompierre