Another fantastic release from Autumn Wind Productions! These two bands play some absolutely crushing doom, while still holding true to their sinister blackened roots. Drear is a two-man blackened Doom metal project from the United Kingdom. J. of Great American Desert/Vrolok appears as a guest vocalist, which is how I'm assuming these two paired up to begin with for this split. I think Great American Desert wins the award for coolest band picture ever. If you would like to see it, just do a google for the band name. It will come up, I assure you. Great American Desert is a one-man Hypnotic/Ritual Doom Metal band out of Oklahoma of all places. The man behind the music: Jeremy Christner. Many of you may know him as being an accomplished Occult author. His literature deals largely with Luciferianism. He has written such literature as "The Silhouettes of Twilight" and his more recent well-known work, "Kosmology." He also seems to have a strange obsession with roosters. I'm not sure why, but I'm assuming if you read his book, you will find out.
As with most Funeral Doom subgenres, these songs are extremely long and hypnotic. You have to either be in a certain mood or be a certain type of person to really get anything out of these releases. Or be reaaaaaly high on something other than life. This split is actually very crushing and somewhat epic sounding. While there's nothing ornate or complex about this music, it paints a huge picture with a giant fist full of flesh. The likes of DoomThrone, Wraith of the Ropes, and Until Death Overtakes me would be extremely proud of these two bands. Drear's side of this split is more black metal oriented, and makes me imagine a world full of torment and suffering on a grand scale. A world where humanity has finally started to pay for its evil in this world, where it must now pay back to the land what it has taken for centuries. Or perhaps, as the track titles suggest, an ancient realm outside of our own world. In a bleak, dark universe where the sun has long since consumed itself and all surrounding planets. A universe where the human plague does not exist to such the blood of its' surroundings. Where our astral minds cross the ancient bridge into the unknown, finally learning the orgasmic pleasures of all the universe's secrets, and becoming god ourselves, in one giant collective wavelength...
...Then again, maybe I'm fucking mental. That would do more to explain it.
I cannot say that I enjoyed Great American Desert's side of the split as much as I did Drear's, but it held its own as well. There's just not nearly enough crush, and too much ritual for me. I never was too heavy into Luciferianism, so I can't say that I totally understand this brand of Doom too much. Most "hypnotic" doom that I've heard in my time still has the crush effect. This just has too much treble for me. All in all, it still accomplishes its goal though. It is hypnotic and ritual, and it is foreboding. It makes one feel a sinister type of strength grow within his innards, and grow to blacken his heart. At times though, the guitar parts kind of resemble early Black Sabbath work. Which is amazing to me, because I never expected to hear that combined with these sick vocals. The vocals really have an incredibly rotten sound to them. I wish that Jeremy had taken the time to work on the production and background noise of his side of the split more. His music definitely would have benefited from some sort of background. It felt like reading a book off of clear pages. Perhaps experiment with some other instrumentation. Some decent keyboards would have fit well. While I can't say that this side of the split is for everyone, the sheer length and talent from Drear's side alone is worth the buy. Again, Autumn Wind Productions shows us their ability to put out quality releases in the realm of black metal, funeral doom, and dark ambient.

Written by Lord Lycan