AWP seems to love to do split releases as here is another this time out we start with Drear to me its closest to Black Doom metal if you like bands like Ancient Wisdom or Catacombs this will be very much for you . It very slow and crushing with some of the best blackened vocals is all of the genre for me. 3 tracks all over 10 minutes in length the guitars are molasses covered in delay and effects and the drums and bass are so primordal its numbingly slow doom . I really loving what I'm hearing here Drear need a proper Full length AWP. Christ it takes 3 mins before the drums and bass come in on 2nd track this is DOOOOOM. Up next is Great American Desert ok in the 1st few moments of the release I have some concerns as this isnt the best recorded or produced and the the vocals are way to up front in the mix. I think its just drums, bass and vocals and not working out as well as I hoped here. There is far to much of a Stoner Sabbath vibe going on here for me on this. I'm going to have to pass on Great American Desert.

Written by Absolute Zero Media