Great American Desert
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Author of Kosmology, a text of Luciferian philosophy published by Ixaxaar in 2005 with a second edition released in 2007, as well as the essay The Silhouettes of Twilight, which appeared in Ixaxaar’s magazine publication Clavicula Nox, issue #2, entitled Lucifer, Jeremy Christner has used Great American Desert as an additional platform for the representation of his Luciferian worldview for the past five years. Additional themes touched upon lyrically in the music of GAD are the necessary destruction of establishments of all kinds, the destruction of all things familiar by the forces of the universe and the most dismal regions of human emotion.

The persistent, plodding, repetitive nature of the music lays no claim to genre or style, but seeks to invoke an atmosphere conducive to witnessing all that Great American Desert represents: vast, desolate landscapes, the hopelessness of terrestrial efforts and the ultimate salvation of the soul through the key of Lucifer’s revelation.



¤| Land of Tears (demo) – 2002 |¤

[Self released]

Lyrics ¤|¤ Reviews

1. A Goyim Prayer
2. A Nocturnal Sadness
3. Demon of the Sky(mp3)
4. Lamentations
5. The Era of Black Holes(mp3)
6. A Crevice of the Holy
7. The Descent of the Sun

¤| Solipsis (split with Drear) – 2006

[Autumn Wind Productions]

Lyrics ¤|¤ Reviews

1. Dervish Shaitan
2. The Still Lake
3. Death Shall Be My Name(mp3)
4. Shining Like Dusk Over Sea(mp3)


Listen to: Cascadia - 2007 (Unreleased)



Jeremy Christner – All instruments, lyrics and vocals.

Contact = gad [AT] luxferous [DOT] com






"Once a Great American Desert..."