-August 31, 2009-

Kosmology has sold out from the publisher, and only a few remain in the author's possession. Email (gad [at] luxferous [dot] com) for availability.

-October 25th, 2007-

Great American Desert is in search of a new label to release future material.

View the promo page.

Additionally, Kosmology is still available from the author. Paypal orders should be made to gad [AT] luxferous [DOT] com.

-12th April, 2007-

Ixaxaar Occult Literature will reprint Kosmology in the coming months. Watch Ixaxaar or Lux Ferous for updates on the second pressing. Additionally, the follow-up to Great American Desert's Solipsis is in the planning stages and shall gradually come to fruition.

-7th July, 2006-

"Warring Against the Sun / Solipsis" is now released. Available for $12 (US) / $14 (rest of world)
via Paypal address gad [at] luxferous [dot] com.